Oral Sedation

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More About Oral Sedation

Oral sedation in dentistry is a method used to create a relaxed, easy, and calm state through the use of sedatives. This form of sedation often involves taking a pill about an hour before the dental procedure. The medication helps patients to feel more comfortable and less anxious during their visit.

The level of sedation can range from minimal, where you’re relaxed but fully awake, to moderate, where you may slur your words and not remember much of the procedure. It’s important to note that even with oral sedation, local anesthesia will still be applied to numb the area being treated and ensure that you don’t experience any pain.

Oral sedation is particularly beneficial for people who have dental anxiety or phobia, those who need a large amount of dental work done, or individuals who have a low pain threshold. However, like all medical procedures, it’s important that oral sedation is administered under the supervision of a trained professional to monitor the patient’s vitals and ensure their safety.

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